Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Hi everyone ^^

Just to let you know that this blog is moving to wordpress - it was time for a change!

Thanks and I hope you'll check out the new and improved blog!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Day 11 of the Lolita Challenge!

Hi everyone! I'll get straight into this post with no messing around!

Day 11 of the Lolita Challenge
A day of your lolita life in pictures

So today I decided to go into my local town with my best friend, Alice.

Here's a picture of me before I went into town. It was raining for a little while so I chose a water-proof print and brought an umbrella with me. I'm ever so practical, aren't I?
I needed to go to the fabric shop to buy some material to make a bag I'm planning to make tonight (I'll post a picture of it if all goes well). So here's a picture of me in front of it!
Next we ate lunch on an old war monument up a back street of town.
Here's a picture of a gingerbread man Alice bought - she's too shy for me to take a picture of her, although I wanted to!
Next we went to a department store and here's me standing outside of it.
Finally - here's a photo of me just about to get on the bus to go home. It was a great day and here's the outfit rundown in case you're interested~

Mini hat: handmade by me
Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Accessories: Angelic Pretty
Cardigan: BTSSB
Blouse: Metamorphose
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Coat: Hell Bunny
Bag: Hello Kitty
Shoes: (you can't see them, but never mind) Accessorize

Thanks for reading! Please look forward to day 12!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Day 8 & 9 of the Lolita Challenge!

So, now I have to think of ten songs which inspire me for lolita, and none of them are going to be classical. In fact, I should think all of them are going to be Japanese - the songs just sound so cutesy and nice in Japanese!

Here goes~

Day 8 of the Lolita Challenge
10 songs which inspire you for lolita.

1. Ponponpon by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - a song, which despite being fairly annoying (but catchy!) makes me think of cute stuff.
2. Still Doll by Kanon Wakeshima - a solemn, calm song which makes me think more of gothic lolita than sweet. But it's a great song, what can I say!
3. Yume no Kuni by MOON kana - I love this song! It's so cute and bouncy and happy. It not only cheers me up, but really gets me in the mood for lolita!
4. Dearest by Buddy Holly - it's just such a sweet song, and lolita really is the thing nearest to my heart.
5. Starless Night by Olivia - a really lovely calm song, it's so great to listen to when you're getting ready!
6. Super Bass by Nicky Minaj - I really love this song, and I have no idea why it inspires me for lolita, but it just puts me in a really good mood for some reason. Anyway, it's a great song... If you ignore the swearing.
7. Fascination by Alphabeat - another upbeat, bouncy song which puts me in the mood for lolita! It's well worth a listen.
8. The Opening song to Tokyo Mew Mew - a cutesy, girl tune which I love!
9. Kuroi Torikago by Kanon Wakeshima - yes, another Kanon Wakeshima song, but it's lovely, and seeing as she's a lolita-inspired musician I deemed it appropriate.
10. Finally - I Like You by Kagamine Rin of Vocaloid - such an adorable song, who can't love it? And so perfect for lolita, I think.

So I was wrong, not all of them are Japanese, but I love every single one of those songs and hope you'll give some of them a listen!

Day 9 of the Lolita Challenge
10 things you will never do in lolita
This question could be interpreted in two ways - the '10 things in the lolita fashion I will never do' or 10 things I will never actually physically do whilst wearing lolita. So I'm going to do half and half!

1. Join Loli_Secrets - I'm sorry to everyone who uses this community, but making fun of people isn't my idea of fun! It just doesn't seem right, so sorry.
2. Sell a dress, for example, for more than I paid for it on the egl comm sales - again, this doesn't seem right in my eyes and I don't think people should try and make a profit.
3. Wear Moi-Meme-Moitie! Sorry to all who love the gothic beauty of Moi-Meme-Moitie but I don't think gothic really suits me, although the gothic style itself is beautiful and elegant.
4. Make a lolita vlog - I'm just too shy! And I look very stupid on camera... And my voice is annoying...
5. Look down on people for wearing Bodyline or replicas - I personally really like Bodyline, despite being a burando girl at heart (mainly AP) and I think everyone should be able to wear lolita in spite of financial situations! Loli is for all to enjoy in my opinion!

6. Sit on grass - grass stains! God forbid!
7. Kill someone. Not that I'd ever do this anyway (being the law abiding citizen that I am), but I wouldn't like to try to get blood out of a dress.
8. Cook or bake - it would be terrible to get flour or whatever on your dress!!
9. Go to a pigeon/bird infested place - I am always the one who gets pooed on in cities, and I'd never risk my clothes perfectness in such a place.
10. Go to the seaside or beach - sand everywhere in my loli stuff - no thanks!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Wardrobe Post and Day 7!

I was planning to do a wardrobe post on here by itself, but in the end, realised that there was no point doing that, since I'd already done one on EGL!

The link is here! But since then I have added two new items to my wardrobe - a pair of Metamorphose bow otk socks (I couldn't find a stock picture so you'll have to imagine them!) and this AP ring, as well as the headbow I mentioned which hasn't arrived yet:
And then for the next part of this post!

Day 7 of the 30 Day Lolita Challenge

Ten people who inspire your lolita style
Again, in no particular order~

1. Maki
2. Asuka (for those who don't know, Maki and Asuka are designers for Angelic Pretty and attend tea parties and such for the company.)
3. Shelby Cloud - she co-ordinates everything so well and always looks great! Here is a link to her tumblr. Through her Youtube Channel I discovered more about the fashion and I've always looked up to her as a sort of role model. Thank you for your inspiration Shelby!
4. Cadney-chan - her OTT co-ords always look beyond awesome! I really enjoy admiring her outfits and look to her for inspiration! Here is a link to her tumblr and here is a link to her LJ. Thanks Cadney!
5. Lunie-chan - she always looks so elegant and well-put-together, and her co-ords show such creativity! I really admire her style and grace. Here is a link to her LJ. Thank you Lunie-chan!
6. Libellule13 - I first found this lovely lolita on her Youtube Channel, and she is so lovely! Her style really inspires me and she really helped me discover more about sweet lolita. Here is a link to her Daily Lolita posts. Thanks a lot Libellule13!
7. FilleDePorcelaine - she makes gothic lolita look so effortless and beautiful, and she encourages the gothic lolita in me to come out. I really enjoy watching her videos on her Youtube Channel and she always looks wonderful! Thank you very much FilleDePorcelaine.
8. PeachieAngelPrincess - or Peachie, as she is more widely known, is a lovely girl and always cheers me up in her videos, which can be found here. She always looks great in sweet lolita and really inspires me, so thanks Peachie!
9. Pixie_Late - she can pull off so many styles, from OTT sweet to gothic! She always looks fabulous and it's a pleasure to see her outfits. Here is a link to her facebook. And thank you Pixie_Late!
10. RosieOs - I know she's not so much into lolita these days, but when she was, I really loved her videos on Youtube, which can be found here. Thanks RosieOs!
The third one along from the left!

There we are, another day done! Thank you to everyone I mentioned. If you have any problem with being mentioned please tell me in a comment. I'm sorry I couldn't contact you all to ask, but hopefully you won't mind!
Thank you for reading, and goodbye for now~

I fell out with blogging... But I'm back!! & Day 5

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry I've taken such a long hiatus! It hasn't been an internet hiatus, just a blogging one, I'm afraid. I know I have very few readers, but I just want to get back into blogging, for myself really if no one else.

I may fall out of love with blogging again, who knows, but I'll try to make it a weekly thing, rather than over-working myself. Firstly, I will continue with the Lolita Challenge and then probably do a wardrobe post!

Lots of things have occurred in my lolita world since my last blog post! My wardrobe has grown considerably, but I'll save that for the wardrobe post. And my latest purchase was only this morning, where I bought the Angelic Pretty Cherry Berry Bunny headbow (which I had been frantically searching for for months) to match my jumperskirt in black. Just the socks to find now! Things have changed in my ordinary life too, including starting a new school and beginning to enjoy life again!

So, after a long eight month hiatus... I'm back! I hope you'll enjoy my posts! Thank you for reading!

I'll just add day 5 of the 30 day Lolita Challenge on the end of this post!

Day 5! 10 Items on your wishlist!
In no particular order~

If you want a look at any of the items on my wishlist just click!
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Day 4 & 6

Sorry! I missed yet more days! So much has been happening - but I'll save that for another post!

So ~day 4~ 10 different foods you like!

1) Cake - any type, but preferably with lots of icing. Fruit flavoured is also preferable, but chocolate is good too. I especially love cute, loliable cakes, like macaroons (technically a biscuit-thing but whatever) or strawberry tarts!
2) Sweets, especially strawberry flavoured ones! I'm not a chocolate fan, you see...
3) Chilli con carne - a little random, but never mind.
4) Fruit!
5) Mange tout (sugar snap peas). They're really delicious!
6) Tropical juice (a drink, but it still counts, right?).
7) Anything grape flavoured, like grape fanta, or grape mentos.
8) Sour things - especially sour skittles!
9) Garlic bread.
10) Candy floss! So lovely and sweet ~hehe.

I'll do day 5 in a separate post so here's day 6!

10 things you can't live without in lolita!

1) A really poofy petticoat! I love a cupcake-shaped skirt.
2) My chocomint star clip - I just think it really finishes off an outfit!
3) A cute decoden phone case to match my outfit (I have four different ones).
4) A wig. I really hate my natural hair, well I used to... Until I dyed it, and now quite like it!
5) The EGL communities!
6) Nail art stuff, to do nails to match my outfit.
7) My job, so I can actually afford lolita clothes!
8) The internet in general, so I can read blogs, and look on hellolace, and such like.
9) My family, who are all really supportive of lolita!
10) Confidence, which I only sometimes have...

Thank you for reading! I'll probably do day 5 and 7 together tomorrow, which is a little odd, but never mind! Bye for now.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Day 2 & 3

Hi everyone! So, I missed a day... Sorry! So here's day 2 and 3!

10 things you love in lolita! ~day 2

1) The beautiful prints and such like which I can look at for ages, look away, look back and see something new!
2) Having a dream dress, and that feeling when you've saved enough to buy something you really want.
3) The lovely people who dress in lolita - everyone on the EGL forums are so nice and supportive!
4) Having an excuse to take a photo of your outfit so you can post it on Daily Lolita or in your journal, just because each outfit is special.
5) Treasuring my lolita clothes and accessories, not just because they cost a lot, but because I love them so much!
6) Knowing all the exchange rates for buying stuff internationally (since all my loli stuff comes from abroad). This can be rather useful ~hehe.
7) Being able to look at beautiful things as much as I want (on the internet of course) and admiring them!
8) The poofy petticoats, and how lovely your dress looks with an awesome petticoat.
9) Not caring about what people think, because lolita is something just for you!
10) The way it makes me feel so happy - simple as that!!

10 things you hate in lolita ~day 3

1) The brand vs. offbrand debate. Why can't people just be happy with their clothes? Why do we feel the need to debate them. Love them and who cares what others think?
2) How hard it is to sit down with a big poofy petticoat. I mean, I don't want to squash my petticoat, but my legs are always really tired!
3) How it really consumes your life. I love that I have something to do and think about, but talking about it a lot doesn't bode well with family and friends.
4) The dry cleaning bills...
5) Shipping costs!
6) How embarassing it is not being able to do an LJ cut... And having to have it explained to you by another egl member!
7) How unaccepting people are about it. Why should they care? Is my fashion offending them? I should think not. *nods*
8) The cost! I save and save with little money to go out with my friends, go to the cinema, etc. But it's worth it!
9) Waiting for the postman day in and day out!
10) How my want-to-buy list grows everyday and my bank balance doesn't.


On other notes - I dyed my hair 'butterscotch' coloured. How was I supposed to know butterscotch is secret code for ginger??? Never mind. It's not that bad, I don't think... And my dream dress hasn't arrived yet, but hopefully it will tomorrow! Yay!

Thank you for reading! ~see you tomorrow!